Star Series Vibration Tables

The STAR Plus Series vibration tables have one of the most consistent acceleration levels per unit area of any table on the market today thanks to it’s patented proprietary state of the art Six Degrees of Freedom, Tri-axial, Pneumatic vibration tables. Among other benefits, when multiple products are tested they receive almost identical vibration forces regardless of where they are mounted. The vibration of the table is monitored and controlled by a tri-axial accelerometer block. The outputs of the three accelerometers are time multiplexed, producing and average gRMS level of all three axes. (Operational temperature range for accelerometer(s) is -51.1˚C to +107˚C)

The table can be used separately from the chamber thanks to how readily the STAR Plus Series can be moved. With the “Easy Lift” actuator you can literally raise and lower the table with one finger. This duality means that the table can be used for one test, and the chamber used for a separate test, it’s like performing two tests at once!


Model Star 28 Star 36 Star 44
External Width 37″ (940mm) 45″ (1143mm) 53″ (1346mm)
External Depth 42.5″ (1080mm) 45″ (1143mm) 53″ (1346mm)
External Height 33.5″ (851mm) 33.5″ (851mm) 33.5″ (851mm)

Product Features

  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson
  • Many options available – contact your local salesperson for complete list
  • LN2 cooling system with modulating valve provides rapid thermal change rate (70˚ C/min) for maximum product stress (*specifications for export models may vary)
  • Three-blower-wheel air circulation system provides enhanced airflow to the product for uniform temperature and greater consistency in testing
  • Stainless steel jack shafts withstand corrosive nature of the environment for a longer life
  • Nichrome wire heating elements with fail-safe fusible link eliminates the possibility of a “runaway” chamber
  • Solid-state heat switching eliminated the problem of worn out mechanical relay contactors
  • Stainless steel interior continuously heliarc welded to eliminate liner seam leakage for a longer lasting chamber
  • Chamber designed to keep the sound level of temperature/vibration testing below 78 dBa for a quiet, less disruptive performance in your lab or test area
  • Large, total-access doors make the full width and height of the workspace accessible
  • Available in table sizes 44″ x 44″, 36″ x 36″ and 28″ x 28″
  • Touch screen commands
  • Independent Fuzzy Logic Parameters
  • Data Input Via Pop-up Displays
  • Set Point Versus Process Variable Displays
  • 12 Event/Auxiliary Outputs
  • Selectable Inputs, T/C, RTD, Voltage, Current
  • Selectable Restart Modes After Power Failure
  • Quick Draw for Optimized Performance
  • Complete Diagnostics
  • Battery Backup
  • Optional Data Logging Capabilities up to 10 Channels

Technical Data

Additional Options

  • Table can be retrofitted into any A.G.R.E.E. chamber that can handle the physical size
  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson
  • Many options available – contact your local salesperson for complete list


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